Grassroots Capacity Development

The International Community Services Vzw is a non-profit institution established by activists in Belgium and other countries to assist people’s organizations especially grassroots organizations in Belgium and the rest of the world especially in the Global South. ICS’s theory of change for the goal of achieving societal transformation is premised on the empowerment of the people especially through their organizations and positions the ICS to assist these organizations in the process of empowerment. Peoples organizations are fundamental to provide enabling conditions for the people to claim their rights by arousing, organizing and mobilizing them.
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Programs of assistance

peoples education and training

projects and programs like education and multicultural festivals, running social and education programs, skills training in fundraising and other administrative related work like logistics, events

communication and media

training and networking in videography, graphic arts, media outreach services web services, training in website management and other web applications

rebuilding communities

developing networking among diaspora communities with homeland community organizations in different concerns and activities community rehabilitation and development programs, including grassroots democratic processes


develop solidarity links and campaigns of reciprocal solidarity among peoples organizations focused on the global South

ICS Vzw envisions a world where the people are free from fetters of all kinds and live with the same regard and responsibility to their fellow human beings and all other beings as one with earth.
Our Mission
ICS Vzw endeavors to network and mobilize all forms of strategies and resources to raise the capacities of peoples organizations in their mission to provide enabling conditions for the people to claim their rights and transform their society.
Goals and targets
ICS Vzw will focus its energies in helping build people’s democratic processes through intercultural understanding, building a propeople sustainable economy and political institutions from the grassroots.

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